artist statement

My eyes are windows flooded with imagery that, at times, evoke strong emotional responses. They are moments that cause time to stand still and they weigh on my mind for days, weeks or years.  These “moments” become so compelling and engrained in my mind that my only relief from them, is to re-create them externally. 

This body of work illustrates the path taken to gain a greater personal awareness, acceptance and appreciation of my artistic expression. Sculptures begin with my childhood, and end with excerpts from my current existence in the world.   To discuss my childhood, I created objects that are iconic, and therefore, readily available to the viewer.  This imagery is seen in children’s books, television programs, movies, and stories.  This allows the viewers to engage in the work through their own socialization with the objects. The glass components remind the viewer of the fragility of childhood, and ramifications of child neglect.  I have created cracks in the glass that have no point of origin or impact, much like internal conflicts that adults live with as a result of their childhoods.   The body of work continues to develop by addressing more recent “moments”. These pieces are based on domestic life, expressing feelings of abandonment and comfort that has deteriorated within relationships and domestic spaces.

Although these works begin based on my personal experiences, I attempt to create pieces that communicate emotions that are a part of the human experience.  I hope that viewers can feel the essence of the pieces, and in turn the moments that they are derived from.